Planned & Reactive Maintenance


obrien-building-services_logoPlanned Maintenance

This is the work that is programmed at the start of the year, for implementation during the forward year (or two years if a longer programme). Programmed maintenance projects are the larger items of work that have the biggest impact on a site. Typical programmed projects include, heating system renewals, external redecorations, electrical rewires, toilet refurbishments, roofing renewals, etc.

There tends to be less urgency associated with programmed projects (compared with reactive repairs) and therefore more time to pre-plan, to ensure that clients get the most benefit from the project, minimal disruption and maximum value for money. These projects are more complex to deliver than reactive repairs and require more specialist input This input gives clients peace of mind that the most appropriate solution is designed; one which complies with statutory requirements and is undertaken safely by a contractor who is being properly managed. Obriens ensures that the contractors are competent to carry out the work and are appropriately managing the numerous risks inherent in this type of work – e.g. asbestos, COSHH, CDM etc.

Reactive Maintenance

This is the day-to-day work that is required to correct component failures and ensure that, as far as possible, properties can continue to operate safely, effectively, with minimal disruption, despite these unpredicted faults and breakdowns.

This work is often minor, in terms of value, such as repairing a broken pane of glass, Roof repair, leaking tap or unblocking a drain. However, on occasions, the work can be very expensive, such as dealing with more serious vandalism incidents, floods, storm damage, boiler breakdowns or unsafe asbestos. Whether this work be major or minor in value, it all requires a degree of urgency in its implementation.


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