Lead Fabrication

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O’Brien Sheet Lead Fabrications is a department of O’Brien Roofing and Leadwork Limited, specialising in lead working, welding and bossing.

obrien-sheet-lead-fab_logoWe can supply ready to fit sheet lead to chimney weatherings and DPC to suit any size (subject to recommendations) chimney, lead slates to any size pipe passing through a roof, boxed catch pit outlets, flat roof outlets, roof vents which can be connected to with a flexible duct and all dormer flashings etc.

We stock a large range of products to suit standard details. We have gained a lot of experience in the roofing industry with hands on experience. We can understand our customers needs. Our customer base includes roofing contractors, builders, thatching contractors and plumbers.

All we require from our customer is a sketch or photograph with dimensions, pitch etc and we will quote, make up and deliver in good time. Our aim is to save customers labour costs on site associated with forming and welding sheet lead.